Yarra Valley Tea Co Calm Down Organic Relaxing Tea

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Yarra Valley Tea Co Calm Down Organic Relaxing Tea

Calm Down, step back, take a moment and let the world rush by while enjoying a cup of this soothing blend.

Calm Down is ideal for kids and adults alike, either hot or as an iced tea!

High in antioxidants whilst caffeine and preservative free, it is a low GI blend making for an excellent ‘anytime’ beverage or iced tea.

Calm Down contains bio-dynamic apple grown in Victoria. Bio-dynamics has much in common with other organic farming methods – it accentuates the use of composts and manures and eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals on soil and plants. Techniques unique to the bio-dynamic methodology include its management of animals, soil and crops as a solo scheme; an emphasis from its early stages on native production and delivery systems; its use of time-honored practices and improvement of new local breeds and variations and the use of a zodiacal propagating and seeding calendar.

Certified Organic Rooibos, Biodynamic Apple, Chamomile and Pink Rose Petals.

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