Yarra Valley Tea Co Aunt Rosie Organic Auntyoxidant Tea

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Yarra Valley Tea Co Aunt Rosie Organic Auntyoxidant Tea

Nothing beats the comfort derived from a visit to Aunty and a pot of her best tea!

Everyone has an Aunty and every Aunty has something special. Aunt Rosie is chock full of AUNTYOXIDANTS and is equally delicious hot or cold. Blended Roships & Hibiscus make for a lovely Certified Organic cuppa morning, day or night!

Hibiscus is popular as a natural diuretic and contains Vitamin C and minerals. It is used traditionally as a mild medicine.

People with dietary requirements and those with kidney problems often take it without adding sweeteners for its helpful properties and as a natural diuretic.

Aunt Rosie is the perfect accompaniment to a suave High Tea or chilled to perfection with a squeeze of lemon and some good gin for a more casual affair. It’s rich red colour is both inviting and revitalising as well being a cup full of goodness!

That’ll be the doorbell…better invite Aunt Rosie in and enjoy her company!

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Hibiscus Flower and Rosehip Shells.

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