Yarra Valley Tea Co African Red Organic Redbush Tea

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Yarra Valley Tea Co African Red Organic Redbush Tea

A wonderful alternative to black tea; naturally caffeine free and five times higher in antioxidants than black tea, rooibos can be drunk hot or cold and is ideal for all adults and children alike.

Certified Organic Rooibos is an ideal beverage to drink black but milk may be added if so desired. Perfect at night or first thing in the morning and just as pleasant cold if not hot!

The main ingredient in African Red is Rooibos which is becoming more popular, in particular among health-conscious drinkers, owing to its high level of antioxidants such as aspalathin and nothofagin, and its very low tannin levels compared to black tea or unfermented green tea leaves. Two flavonoids found in rooibos, quercetin and luteolin, have been known to have cancer fighting qualities.

A key health benefit of rooibos tea is that it contains several minerals that are vital to health. These include: magnesium (essential for the nervous system), calcium & manganese (essential for strong teeth and bones), zinc (important for metabolism) and iron (critical for helping blood & muscles distribute oxygen).

Rooibos is a grass-like member of the legume family of plants endemic to the Cerderberg ranges in South Africa’s fynbos. The generic name comes from the plant Calicotome villosa, aspalathos in Greek. This plant has a very similar growing structure and flowers just like the Rooibos plant. Rooibos grades are largely related to the percentage “needle” or leaf to stem content in the mix. A higher leaf content will result in a darker liquor, richer flavour and less “dusty” aftertaste. We only use the higher grade leaf in our African Red tea.

African Red Rooibos – a perfect base for a naturally caffeine free black tea alternative!

NB: Red tea is traditionally given to infants with colic and may be a good digestive aid with its mild antispasmodic properties. This beverage may be rebrewed two or more times if desired.

Available in 2 sizes: Tea Box 80g & Bulk Bag 200g

Certified Organic Rooibos.

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