White Magic Eco Cloth - General Purpose

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White Magic Eco Cloth - General Purpose

Just add Water!

Designed with dual cleaning surfaces for scrubbing and wiping. The cloth can tackle any cleaning task. Awarded by Choice Australia as the Best General Purpose Microfibre Cloth in Australia in 2010 and Finalist in Women’s Weekly Cleaning Product of the Year in the 2012.

√  Kitchen Grime & Surfaces
√  Bathroom Mould & Soap Scum
√  Furniture & Floor Spills

Save the environment - Most chemical cleansers are bad for the environment and your family. Why use them if you do not have to?

Save Money - Stop buying chemical cleansers and use cloths that are guaranteed for 300 machine washes, expected to last for 500 machine washes.

Get a Better Result - Water and The ECO CLOTH clean effectively without leaving any residue behind.

Save Time - Simply wet. Wring out excess. Wipe over!

ECO CLOTHS are made from a blend of polyester and polyamide. Polyester is great for absorbing grease and oil while polyamide is brilliant at absorbing water.

ECO CLOTHS are made with fibres that are 100 times finer than a human hair which pick up dirt at a micro level.

When dry, ECO CLOTHS use electro-static energy to attract dirt like a magnet.

When wet, ECO CLOTHS use capillary vacuum power to attract and hold dirt that is mixed with water.


1. Use cloth wet
2. Fold into quarters
3. Use the corrugated side for scrubbing heavily soiled areas
4. Use the flat side for wiping and polishing 

White Magic is a brand delicate to selling chemical free cleaning products. Starting with the Original White Magic Sponge, they have grown the brand to include a variety of sponges, cloths and mops.

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