That Red House Laundry Tonic - Double Pack


That Red House Laundry Tonic - Double Pack 2 x 20ml

To fragrance your washing and/or drying loads, simply add a few drops onto the cotton soapberry bag before you put it into the washing machine or a few drops onto your 'Wool dryer balls' before you pop them into the dryer. BAM!

Choose two of your favourites fragrances from these hotties...

'Clean Linen' 
A delightful medley of  Sweet Orange, Blue Gum Eucalyptus and Spike Lavender oils.
The crisp scent of squeaky clean. 
Close your eyes and imagine freshly laundered bedsheets, dancing around the clothesline, airing in the divine rays of a summer day. *Slap* now wake up! The washing won't do itself!

'Sweet Orange'
A divine fragrance of Sweet Orange oil. 
A bold and cheeky scent reminiscent of grandpa's secret jar of boiled lollies. Sure to appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

'Citrus Fresh'
A delicate balance of West Indian Lime, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange oils.
A traditional laundry scent. The next best thing to freshly washed bedsheets, a steaming hot shower and hopping into bed butt naked. Ahhhhhhh!

'Earth Spice'
A hearty blend of Rosemary, Cedarwood, Tea Tree and Clove oils.
This masculine concoction will put hairs on your chest and appeals to those who don't use hankies and don't really like quiche. This flavoursome blend also has the ability to transport you to Christmas day, right when the pudding is served. 
A spicy delight!

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