Tea Tonic Matcha Green Tea 30g - Elderflower


Tea Tonic Matcha Green Tea 30g - Elderflower

1 gram of Matcha (1/4 teaspoon) = 10 cups of green tea in health benefits… That's why Tea Tonic call it the caviar of tea.

The production of Matcha Tea is very elaborated because stems and leaf veins have to be removed before the leaf is ground to a very fine powder by means of granite stone grinders. It takes 1 hour to grind 30g of this exclusive powder.

30g = 30 serves (1g per serve in a hot or cold water)

It’s what the samurai’s would have before they go to war, to give them power, stamina and endurance (what we need today to cope with life).

It has the equivalent caffeine content as half a cup of coffee, with no jittery come down.

137 x times more antioxidant than plain Green tea... metabolise boosting, hence I put it in my water bottle to go to the gym to take advantage of its benefits.

Cholesterol lowering, cardio vascular protective, calorie burning

Taste description - Green yet slightly sweet


Ingredients: Green Tea (camellia sinensis), Elderflower Natural Flavour

Preparation: Place 1/4 tsp (approx. 1g) of Elderflower Matcha Green Tea in a cup or a bowl, add 100ml of hot simmering water and whisk for 30 seconds in a zig zag motion (or use a milk frother) until foamy.

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