Skinfood Everyday Essentials Refresh Set

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Skinfood Everyday Essentials Refresh Set

An on-the-go set of refreshing essentials to help your skin feel cleansed, hydrated and revived. This trio of must-have skinfood favourites in your new go-to travel bag make it easy to keep your skin feeling its best wherever you go.

Complete with Skinfood's Gel Cleanser (20ml) to cleanse and soothe, Light Moisturiser (20ml) to smooth and hydrate, along with collagen packed Pomegranate and Peach Rejuvenating Sheet Mask (1 Mask), helping to leave skin feeling supple. Includes travel bag.

A delicious daily gel cleanser with a lush blend of bio-active ingredients including Papaya, Guava, Cucumber & Mango Extracts to cleanse & rejuvenate your skin. 
A new, luscious cleansing option for your daily routine, with a luxurious gel texture and invigorating bio-active ingredients, leaving skin feeling refreshed and cleansed.
Cleansing morning and night is a hugely important part of your daily skin care routine, so Skinfood's Gel Cleanser will gently remove daily build up using a cocktail of bio-active ingredients.

Skinfood Light Moisturiser is a non-oily and paraben-free facial moisturiser that gently refreshes leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated. It contains ingredients that help to repair and restore collagen and elastin.
Rich in peach oil, manuka honey, avocado oil, elderberry and marshmallow extracts and with a light orange scent. 
Skinfood’s Light Moisturiser is ideal for oilier skin types because of its light texture it doesn’t clog and agitate pores. It is also great for men who like to moisturise but don’t like heavily perfumed and creamy alternatives.

This concentrated mix of pomegranate & peach, with collagen, comes together to help restore goodness to skin, leaving it replenished & rejuvenated - all in one 15 minute bamboo sheet mask.

Superfood pomegranate is jam packed with antioxidants to encourage the formation of collagen in the skin, and its rich source of fatty acids help to reduce inflammation while also protecting & restoring damaged skin.
Peach extract is also loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids to support skin.

Collagen adds structure to the skin, giving it elasticity & plumpness and as we age this natural collagen production can decline, but adding collagen into our skin's diet helps skin to remain smooth, plump & reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Made from Nature | Paraben Free | Bio-Active Food Based | Nourishing & Gentle

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