Pukka Three Mint Herbal Tea Bags


Pukka Three Mint Herbal Tea Bags

20 Herbal Tea Sachets

Mighty mint, the refreshing hero of the palate. But just imagine three together – finely-chopped spearmint, fieldmint and peppermint – the cool suddenly becomes more vibrant. The sweetness more supreme. And the ‘you’ it leaves behind, as crisp and clean as the brightest day.

The lovely design is printed with vegetable ink on card from renewable sources and is recyclable; the string on each bag is organic and because we don't staple our bags, they're wildlife friendly to compost.

Organic | Vegan | Wheat free | Dairy free | Nut free | Caffeine free | Gluten free | Soya free | Kosher


Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients: Peppermint leaf (34%), spearmint leaf (34%), fieldmint leaf (32%).

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