Pukka Love Herbal Tea Bags


Pukka Love Herbal Tea Bags

20 Herbal Tea Sachets

A herbal tea that embodies nature’s gift of FairWild flowers that will love you every step of the way. A tender touch of rose fills your heart. The soft embrace of chamomile and lavender soothe your soul.
 A tea made with love, dedicated to love and called Love. How lovely is that? Drink it to help you feel cherished and well nourished, night and day.

√ Rose and Lavender warm the heart

√ Elderflower and chamomile relax and soothe

√ Marigold petals are beautifully balancing

100% organically grown and fairly traded, we hope this is the best rose blend you will ever taste.

Good news for filling your heart with love.

The lovely design is printed with vegetable ink on card from renewable sources and is recyclable; the string on each bag is organic and because we don't staple our bags, they're wildlife friendly to compost.

Organic | Caffeine free | Vegan | Gluten free | Wheat free | Dairy free | Nut free | Kosher | Soya free


Chamomile flower (25%), limeflower, elder flower, marigold petal, licorice root, rose flower (5%) lavender flower (5%).

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