Pukka Elegant English Breakfast Tea Bags


Pukka Elegant English Breakfast Tea Bags

20 Tea Sachets

Pukka English Breakfast Tea is made from the youngest, organic leaves that grow wild in the Vietnamese rainforest. They are hand picked by the H'mong and Zhao tribes who have enjoyed drinking this tea for centuries. 

Breakfast deserves to be slow and the tea, unhurried. So give these fairly-traded, hand-picked, whole Nam Lanh leaves time to breath in your cup and they’ll thank you for it. A splash of heat and their vitality becomes yours.

English breakfast tea, this is how it should be done.

100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients

The lovely design is printed with vegetable ink on card from renewable sources and is recyclable; the string on each bag is organic and because they don't staple their bags, they're wildlife friendly to compost.

Organic | Caffeine free | Vegan | Gluten free | Wheat free | Dairy free | Nut free | Kosher | Soya free


Nam Lanh whole leaf tea. Nam Lanh tea: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 100%. 

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