Planet Organic - Organic Turmeric 1kg


Planet Organic - Organic Turmeric 1kg

This certified organic turmeric has a peppery spicy aroma and is a staple ingredient in curry powders. Turmeric can be added to pickles and relishes.

Try adding a very small amount of organic turmeric to the water when cooking 1 cup of rice. This imparts a slight yellow colour and is a cheaper option than saffron.

The list of health benefits associated with turmeric is very long and impressive. From everything to easing pain, supporting joint health and healthy blood sugar metabolism, detoxifying the body, protecting the cardiovascular system, assisting arthritis management, promoting wound healing, boosting serotonin production, regulating the bowels, balancing stress hormones and more.

√ Certified Organic
Gluten Free 
√ Dairy Free
√ Suitable for Vegans

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