Organic Times Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans 150g


Organic Times Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans 150g

Oven-roasted, fair-trade organic coffee beans coated in our fair-trade, organic dark couverture chocolate.

Sustainably sourced and ethically made - free from palm oil, GMO’s and anything artificial.

Knowing that these sweet treats have been produced with care and respect for both our environment and human rights only makes them taste that much better!.

Certified Organic | Fair Trade | Eco-Friendly

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Ingredients - in order of amount of ingredients:
*Dark Chocolate (85%)(*Cocoa Mass, *Rapadura Whole Cane Sugar, *Cristallino Cane Sugar, *Cocoa Butter, *Soya Lecithin),
*Coffee beans (15%),
*glazing agent.
*Ingredients certified organic. No use of GMOs.

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