Niulife Certified Organic Coconut Butter


Niulife Certified Organic Coconut Butter 500g

100% Pure Creamed Coconut

Niulife creamy coconut butter is made from 100% raw certified organic coconut flesh that is simply dried then ground into a smooth creamy paste. Containing over 60% pure virgin coconut oil, it is a rich source of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and dietary fibre. Deliciously fragrant, try it in cooking, baking & as a non-dairy alternative.

  • Add to curries or stir-fries as thickener
  • Rich natural coconut flavour
  • Pour into moulds with fruit and nut mix
  • Melt and pour over ice-cream
  • Make a creamy coconut milk drink
  • Blend in smoothies or mix with chocolate
  • Eat by the spoonful straight from the jar

100% pure certified organic coconut flesh

Made in a facility free of nuts, soy, gluten and dairy.

NOTE: Coconut oil may separate and form a white top layer. Simply warm and blend back together.

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