Mrs Rogers Organic Ground Coriander 30g

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Mrs Rogers Organic Ground Coriander 30g

Available in 30g Organic Eco Pack

Coriander flavours foods from sweets to complex Indian Spice mixes.


  • Used sparingly it has a superb flavour perfect for using with chicken, pork, fruit and cakes.
  • Especially important in Chinese, Indian and Mid-East dishes and, along with cumin, is an essential ingredient in curries.
  • Dry fry before use to release the full flavour.
  • Add early in cooking and particularly recommended as a garnish.
      • Coriander will enhance the keeping qualities of meat dishes and helps the digestion of starches.
        Mrs Rogers ECO Pack is made with eco-friendly, 100% recycled, unbleached board that is both recyclable and biodegradable.

        Mrs Rogers ECO Pack features a closable box and the product is kept fresh in an airtight, re-sealable, zip-lock barrier bag that seals in the flavours and aromas so your herbs & spices stay fresher, longer, and do not make a mess of your pantry or drawers.

        Organic Ground Coriander.

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