Ministry of Tea - Organic Spicy Liquorice Infusion


Ministry of Tea - Organic Spicy Liquorice Infusion

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The alchemists at the Ministry have worked their magic and created this spicy, warming liquorice blend ready to pour straight into your cup. Enjoy this fragrant infusion at any time of day.

Sip from a fine china tea cup, or slurp from your favourite mug.

Driven by the noble quest to create the perfect cup of tea, the Tea Meisters at the Ministry began brewing magic leaves and herbal concoctions for their own pleasure and delight. Fast forward a few years, many thousands of miles travelled and a veritable sea of tea tasted from old Bombay to Mandalay and, voila, the Ministry of Tea was born.

Organic Liquorice Root, Organic Lemon Verbana, Organic Peppermint Leaf.

WARNING: Pregnant women and those suffering from hypertension should avoid consumption of Liquorice.

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