Mingle Sammy - All Purpose Seasoning 120g


Mingle Sammy - All Purpose Seasoning 120g

This vegan friendly, all natural, All Purpose Seasoning blend contains no nasties and no calories, is gluten free, sugar free and low in sodium.

Sammy is super friendly and likes to mingle with anything you’re cooking.  When you steam or grill without any seasoning your vegetables and protein can feel a little dull and bland.  Sammy is that pal that will pump you up, compliment you and add that little extra flavour to your meal.  We all need a friend like Sammy.

Sammy all purpose seasoning is great on:

  • White meat - chicken, pork, turkey
  • Seafood - Salmon, prawns
  • Red meat - beef, lamb
  • Vegetables - grilled and roasted

Onion, Garlic, Cumin Powder, Sweet Paprika, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Mustard, Coriander, Roasted Chilli Powder, Thyme, Oregano, Basil Leaves, Parsley.

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