Marco Polo's Treasures Natural Incense Sticks - Olibanum Migiurtino


Marco Polo's Treasures Natural Incense Sticks - Olibanum Migiurtino

10 Extra Quality Incense Sticks

Marco Polo's Treasures is a line of handmade incense that is truly natural and pure and is certified by ECOCERT.

Marco Polo's Treasures Pure Natural Incense Sticks are made with Love and Natural ingredients - precious woods, resins, aromatic herbs and spices.

The Boswellia frereana plant is endemic of sloping plains of the border between Ethiopia and Somalia and has been employed for many centuries for rites of purification.

Boswellia frereana gum, Machilus Macrantha gum, Charcoal powder, Bamboo stick.

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