Living Intentions Superfood Cereal - Acai Blueberry


Living Intentions Superfood Cereal - Blueberry Blast 255g

Wake up to something new! Every bite of our Blueberry Blast Superfood Cereal contains blueberries, sweet currants and the superfood goodness of exotic berries like acai, maqui and elderberry. Plus, we've also included 2 billion CFUs of friendly probiotic cultures in each bag to support immune health** and start your day off right. Enjoy with your favourite milk, sprinkled on yogurt, in smoothies or on oatmeal.

√  Organic
√  Sprouted
√  Probiotic
√  Non-GMO
√  Gluten Free
√  Vegan

Superfood Cereal redefines the standard for healthy breakfast cereals. Living Intentions innovative cereal creations are made from a combination of live sprouted ingredients, an optimal balance of complete proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants and fibre. Each flavour is light and crunchy, super tasty and enhanced with a unique blend of the most fortified superfoods our planet offers. 

**Based on two servings a day, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Buckwheat Sprouts*, Coconut*, Coconut Nectar*, Currants*, Blueberries*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Fresh Banana*, Puffed Buckwheat*, Concord Grape Juice Concentrate*, Sunflower Oil*, Berry Antioxidant Blend (Freeze Dried Acai*, Freeze Dried Maqui Berry*, Amla Berry Extract*, Elderberry*), Live Probiotics (Inulin*, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086) and Himalayan Crystal Salt. *Certified Organic CONTAINS COCONUT

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