Hampstead Tea Organic Tea Bags - Care - Camomile


Hampstead Tea Organic Tea Bags - Care - Camomile

Organic Herbal Infusion - 20 tea bags in sachets

Caring for you is about relaxing and taking a view of life at a time that suits you. Hampstead Tea's carefully gathered camomile flowers are gently tumbled together to help you find that peaceful moment again.

A beautiful golden infusion made from prized sweetly scented camomile petals. Camomile relieves inflammation, soothes and relaxes.

At Hampstead Tea their pledge is to support the growing of the finest Biodynamic and Organic Teas which revolves around the dual notions of great taste and peace of mind. The Tea is farmed intuitively, responsibly and in tune with nature, always nurturing the purity of the source. This is guaranteed by their organic certification.

Certified Organic | Fair Trade | Naturally Caffeine Free | Vegan Friendly

The clear lively flavours of Hampstead Tea's herbal infusions are best brought out by brewing with freshly boiled, good quality water. Steep one sachet of tea per person for 3-5 minutes and enjoy.

Chamomile flowers.

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