English Tea Shop - No Brew Like Home Organic Tea Traveller Pack - Blue


English Tea Shop - No Brew Like Home Organic Tea Traveller Pack - Blue

Contains 8 Organic Tea Sachets

Your perfect companion, bringing a little taste of home on your next adventure. The best decisions are made by those who are focused, stress-free and relaxed. English Tea Shop's selection of travel teas will help you through your day, from Strong Breakfast tea to a refreshing cup of Green Honey Mint tea before winding down with a soothing combination of Rooibos Chocolate and Vanilla tea. You can't always be at home at the day's end, but you can always have a little bit of home wherever you are.

English Tea Shop offers you a range of wonderful teas, each one of them caringly and passionately created with your well-being in mind. English Tea Shop teas will give your life the much needed good-health, with no compromise in excitement!

Each pack contains 8 sachets in a mix of the following tea:
3 x Strong Breakfast - Made exclusively from Ceylon black tea. Full bodied and rich, makes the perfect companion for a hearty breakfast.
3 x Green Tea Honey Mint - Full bodied sweet Ceylon green tea, combined with the natural sweetness of honey and aromatic, cooling mint, refreshes your mind, body and soul.
2 x Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla - Low tannin, caffeine free Rooibos leaf and sweet dark chocolate partner each other to aid that perfect evening of relaxation.

English Tea Shop believe that a harmonious blend of teas and time-honoured healthy ingredients may help in achieving everyday wellness as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This belief is realised in their new, all-natural, all-organic Tea Loving Care Wellness Tea range. Nature's most revitalising herbs, spices, fruits and flowers are blended to perfection to bring to you these wonderful infusions that will dance on your palate and make you feel alive.

100% Natural Ingredients | Sustainable | Fair Trade | Eco-Friendly | Certified Organic

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