Eco Modern Essentials For You 6 Pack & Wood Diffuser Duo

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Eco Modern Essentials For You 6 Pack & Wood Diffuser Duo

Treat yourself or someone dear to you with this beautiful essential oil collection, featuring Eco Modern Essentials best-selling floral oils to enhance well being. Paired with their divine new wood diffusers, this duo is the perfect way to enjoy your essential oils.


1 x Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser Woodgrain Light
1 x For You Essential Oils 6 pack

Light woodgrain ultrasonic mist diffuser ideal for use with essential or fragrant oils. This Diffuser features a smooth, curved design and beautiful multi or single LED lights, perfect for creating an ambient mood.


  • Disperses only a cool mist vapour
  • Timer mist function – 60mins, 120mins, 180min
  • Continuous mist function approx 10 hours
  • Automatic shut off at low water level
  • Multi LED or single LED lighting mode
  • Independent light or mist operation
  • Offers humidifier characteristics
  • No oily hot water or naked flame
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • One year guarantee
  • Eco-friendly & BPA free

1 x For you Essential oil 6 Pack 

Lavender essential oil 10ml 
a light, floral and woody scent, and is well known for its relaxing and healing qualities.

Geranium essential oil 10ml
a sweet and heavy floral scent and many benefits for the skin, hair, mind and body.

Women's Blend essential oil 10ml 
a beautiful blend of cedarwood, lavender, geranium & ylang ylang especially for women to help calm, balance and harmonise mind and body.

Jasmine 3% essential oil 10ml
with an exotic, sweet and strong floral scent, Jasmine Essential Oil is great for dry skin.

Ylang Ylang essential oil
has soothing and comforting qualities, a very relaxing oil.

Neroli 3% essential oil
a powerful floral fragrance, highly regenerating, helping to prevent scarring and promoting beautiful, smooth skin.


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