CLIPPER Organic Indian Chai Tea 20 teabags


CLIPPER Organic Indian Chai Tea 20 teabags

Warm & Spicy

The finest organic black tea carefully blended with traditional Indian chai ingredients, warming cinnamon & cloves.

Clipper products are made with pure natural ingredients. Clipper use only the highest-quality sources, add nothing artificial. No wonder they taste so good.

Making the world a fairer place sip by sip. Clipper have been working with Fairtrade since 1994 and today are very proud to be the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand.

Certified Organic | Fairtrade | GMO Free | Gluten Free | Vegan | Dairy Free

Always use fresh water, pour it over the tea bag while it's still boiling and allow to brew for 2-4 minutes

Black tea*, Cinnamon* (17%), Orange peel*, Cloves* (8%), Fennel seed* (5%). *Organically grown ingredient. Tea, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel: traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards, total 83%.

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