Botáni Skin Rescue Kit - Natural Acne Treatment

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Botani Skin Rescue Kit - Natural Acne Treatment

An all natural anti-blemish busting solution.
Fighting the war on acne is a battle you can now win with Botáni’s Skin Rescue Kit!

1 x 
Botáni’s Purify Facial Cleanser 50ml
1 x Botáni's Rescue Acne Cream 30g
1 x Botáni's Boost Balancing Moisturiser 50ml

This simple 3-step-system provides you with all the armour you need to fight those irritating blemishes and blackheads while restoring balance and harmony to your skin. Benzoyl Peroxide free, this gentle blemish buster solution is suitable for all skin types.

“Start this 3-step-system now”!

1. Cleanse your skin with Botáni’s Purify Facial Cleanser 50ml a gentle, gel based cleanser formulated with moisturising and anti-bacterial properties.

2. Treat your blemishes with Botáni’s Rescue Acne Cream 30g, an all-natural high performing anti-blemish cream that guarantees a 99.99% kill factor on acne-causing bacteria, P.acne, in just 30 minutes! (TGA Approved).

3. Hydrate your skin with Botáni’s Boost Balancing Moisturiser 50ml, a light, versatile, anti-blemish moisturiser for all skin types.


  • Proven relief and treatment for itchy and inflamed acne – 99.99% kill factor in just 30 minutes!
  • Botáni’s Skin Rescue Kit is non-abrasive and non-drying on the skin
  • Holistic & skin friendly value pack that provides optimal skin health

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