Barnes Naturals Manuka Active Honey 15+ 250g

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Manuka Active Honey - NPA 15+ (MGO 514+)

Active Manuka Honey is one of nature’s ‘health warriors’ with a thick consistency and a subtly sweet, rich flavour. With a long reputation as a "healing" honey, it has many uses that range from sore throats, digestive problems, to healing cuts, wounds and burns, is used widely in skincare products, and tastes great on a piece of toast! 

Barnes Naturals Active Manuka honey is tested and verified for activity by an independent laboratory, according to world standard testing methods.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey contains a heightened stable form of natural antibacterial activity often known as Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA). Such intensified antimicrobial activity can be quantified using a range of testing methods.

Considerable research has been undertaken to determine the cause of this activity, with it recently being attributable to the naturally occurring chemical Methylglyoxal (MGO) in 2006. Manuka honey can contain more than 70 times the level of MGO found in normal honeys.

Today, following extensive clinical testing in Australia, New Zealand and other countries, the unique value of Manuka has been recognised worldwide. Manuka Honey is now sought after around the world for use in hospitals, burns units, family health care, digestive health care, beauty and skin care, veterinary practice, diabetes clinics and other specialist clinics and as a general health food.

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