Biologika Citrus Rose Shampoo 500ml & 1L


Biologika Citrus Rose Shampoo 500ml & 1L

Fortifying & Repairing Shampoo for Damaged Hair.

Formulated to strengthen hair, a rich and penetrating shampoo with:
Organic shea butter - rich in vitamin A and E, it intensely repairs and helps in retaining elasticity of the hair;
Organic passion flower - added for its relaxing and balancing properties;
Organic goji berry - delivers high antioxidant properties.

The combination of these precious butters and extracts in this shampoo will instantly penetrate, gently cleaning and leaving your hair and scalp smooth and replenished.

Organic ingredients | Vegan friendly | Sulphate free | Cruelty free

1. Brush or comb hair beforehand
2. Thoroughly wet hair with warm water
3. Apply shampoo and slowly massage it through in circular motions
4. Rinse with warm water. For overly unclean hair, repeat steps 3 and 4
For optimal results follow with Citrus Rose conditioner. 

Purified water, organic aloe vera juice, coco polyglucoside, organic shea butter, organic extracts of goji berry and passion flower, decylglucoside, locust bean gum, rose geranium pure essential oil, organic mandarin red oil, citrus seed extract, olive leaf extract, potassium sorbate and citric acid.

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