Aromamatic Rainbow Multi Light Electric Vaporizer


Aromamatic Rainbow Multi Light Electric Vaporizer

Suitable for Essential Oils & Wax Melts

Create a unique ambience and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy 

The Aromamatic Multi-Light Vaporizer has combined the latest technology of LED lighting with the aromatic world of aromatherapy, creating the most synergistic combination, both visually and aromatically tantalising to the senses. 
This safe, clean and highly economical porcelain appliance provides a low cost, eco friendly way to enjoy your favourite aromatic scents while enjoying the peaceful ambience of its soft gently lights.
Ideal for use throughout the home, especially as a soft gently light in the children's room. The Multi-Light Vaporizer is also ideal in the office, health care or clinical facility to create an enhancing aromatic atmosphere.
To capture the true ambience of the Multi-Light Vaporizer place it near a reflective surface and enjoy the vibrancy of the Rainbow lights. An added feature of the rainbow vaporizer is the unique changing colours of the translucent porcelain case, as the LED light rotate through their colour cycle.
Operation is safe, simple and convenient, plug the illumamatic® Multi-Light vaporizer into a standard electrical outlet and turn on power.
Allow up to 15 minutes for the vaporizer to reach full operating temperature.
Then add your favourite essential oil/blend or wax melt to the bowl as recommended. The vaporizer can be operated independently of the LED lights by pressing the ON/OFF switch at the rear.
The illumamatic® Electric Vaporizer does not require water to assist vaporization.
Operation & Instruction Booklet Included.

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