Apiwraps - Cheese Lover Pack


Apiwraps - Cheese Lover Pack

The Cheese Lover Pack is a great gift for a cheese eater in your life – personally I must always have at least three types in the fridge at any time – this keeps all those little speciality cheese sorted! With three wraps; one medium and two small – the Cheese Lover Pack is perfect for Christmas gifting.

Note! This pack does not include the large sized sandwich wrap which would be the one you need for big blocks of cheddar – if you’d like that one included it can be purchased as an add on – or pop over to Kitchen Basics.

The Cheese Lover Pack includes three apiwraps in complementing patterns from the same collection.

Contains - 2 x Small (20cm x 15cm) and 1 x Medium (20cm x 25cm) Apiwrap.

Apiwraps are a healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable replacement for plastic wrap – and it just WORKS! There are four gorgeous designs, it's so easy to use and you can use your Apiwrap again and again for a year and often longer before you'll need to replace it. Take a moment to let them come to room temperature before unwrapping. Apiwraps are not suitable for use in the microwave.

Apiwraps are handcrafted in Australia from local NSW beeswax and GOTS Certified Organic cotton along with natural pine resin and organic coconut oil and packaged in hygienic recycled paper envelopes.

PLEASE NOTE: Designs vary and will be chosen at random. If you would like a particular design you may leave a message when ordering and we will try our hardest to fill your request, although we cannot guarantee a particular design will be in stock.

Gently brush the wrap over with a soapy dishcloth/brush/wand (whatever you use) and rinse under cold water. Use a gentle hand soap rather then detergent. Air dry, or blot carefully with a tea towel, then store. Keep your Apiwraps rolled up next to the tea towels in a drawer or in a pretty container on the bench.

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