Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein- Vanilla/Cinnamon 500gm & 1kg


Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein- Vanilla/Cinnamon 500gm & 1kg

Amazonia Raw slim & tone protein is a comprehensive protein option designed to support natural, healthy slimming while helping to banish cravings and achieve real results you can feel.

✓ Delicious creamy taste
✓ Rich in nutrition to help you feel fuller for longer
✓ Sugar free; very low in carbs
✓ Infused with herbs known to boost metabolism
✓ Sprouted and bio-fermented live protein
✓ Designed to help combat bad digestive bacteria
✓ Certified organic
✓ At input (based on origin) free from; gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, corn, preservatives, additives & GMOs
✓ Alkalising & vegan

Specifically formulated to assist with healthy weight management by combining a sprouted and bio-fermented protein base with nourishing trace minerals, nutrient-dense herbs, thermogenic spices and alkalising greens, Amazonia Raw slim & tone protein is designed to help keep you satisfied, address the root cause of cravings and assist in healthy, long-term weight management and toning, in combination with healthy eating and exercise.

Certified organic | Dairy free | Gluten free | Vegan

Blend 3 rounded tablespoons (30g) into 200ml of water, almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, natural juice or smoothie.
Choose your serving size as required:
Active (30g serve) = 21.7g protein
Endurance (45g serve) = 32.55g protein
Performance (60g serve) = 43.4g protein
Refrigerate after opening, use a dry spoon & consume within 90 days of opening.


Sprouted Protein Blend 28.3g (Sprouted, Bio-Fermented Golden Pea Protein*, Quinoa powder*, Sprout Blend*: Amaranth Sprout*, Quinoa Sprout*, Millet Sprout*, Buckwheat Sprout*, Chickpea Sprout*, Lentil Sprout*, Adzuki Sprout*, Alfalfa Sprout*, Flax Sprout*, Sunflower Sprout*, Pumpkin Sprout*, Chia Sprout*, Sesame Sprout*). Nutrient-dense Greens Blend 850mg (Natural Sea Mineral Complex, Spinach leaf*, Nettle leaf*, Maca root*, Acai juice*, Nopal cladode*, Lemon juice). Herb & Spice Digestive Bacteria Blend 490mg (Cinnamon*, Cloves*, Liquorice*, Nutmeg*, Ginger*, Cayenne Pepper*, Dandelion extract, Siberian Ginseng extract, Aloe Vera extract, Kelp extract, Parsley extract, Rosehip extract, Gingko extract, Gotu Kola extract, Milk Thistle extract). Natural Vanilla Blend 370mg (Natural Vanilla flavour, Stevia).

*Certified Organic

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