Amazing Oils Magnesium Winter Survival Pack


Amazing Oils Magnesium Winter Survival Pack

In winter, your magnesium levels can be drastically reduced, adding to the barrage of negative effects on energy levels, skin’s moisture content and luminosity, and joint pain and muscle discomfort.

Winter, more than ever, is a time when we need to take extra care. Nurturing ourselves in small ways with magnesium infused products can make a huge difference in counteracting the effects of the cold dry season, especially on our skin and joints.

This Winter Survival Pack will help you combat the damaging effects of winter.


  • Magnesium Bath Flakes 200g
  • Magnesium Pain Relief Towelettes 25pk
  • Facial Moisturising Treatment 100g

Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride flakes, from the pristine salt lakes of Australia.  One single soak in the tub with these luxurious Magnesium Chloride flakes will provide you with more than just relaxation. Excellent to use before bed.

We recommend 2-3 baths per week in conjunction with daily use of your Magnesium Spray or Gel.

Each 200g pack will provide you with 8 luxurious soaks, or 20+ foot baths.


These individually packaged towelettes are perfect for travel. Rub one towelette into affected area as needed.  

Each box contains 25 individually wrapped, magnesium towelettes.

Magnesium Pain Relief Wipes can assist with:
- Muscular Cramps & Soreness
- Headaches
- Sleep
- Supporting Bone Health
- Joint Pain
- Increasing Magnesium Levels
- Boosting Energy

Simply tear the satchel and find a magnesium infused towelette inside.
Unfold your towelette and now you’re ready to attack your sore bits.
Apply to one or multiple area’s by wiping the pain affected area.
For superficial pains (headaches, cramps and the like) you should expect a fairly instant result, those deeper more complicated pains; give it a minute or two.

If symptoms persist contact your health professional.


Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride​ (22%)​, ​carefully mixed into a natural, nourishing ​base of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E and Glycerine to revolutionise the way you care for your largest organ, the skin.

Perfect as a rich overnight facial repair treatment, or a light veil to protect & hydrate skin during the day. The active Magnesium blend balances pH levels in the skin, lightly exfoliates and detoxes dead skin cells. You'll need less than a 5c piece worth to cover the face, neck and chest.

*Tip - Each tub lasts 4-6 months when used twice daily. Store in a cool, dry place.

These tubs of goodness are still individually hand made.

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