Amazing Oils Magnesium Skin Vanity Pack


Amazing Oils Magnesium Skin Vanity Pack

This highly coveted value pack contains the first ever organic skin care range to be based on Magnesium, in the world. An element that may do absolute wonders for improving the skin you're in.

1 x Magnesium Moisturiser
1 x Magnesium Ugly Bits Stick

Magnesium Moisturiser
Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride (22%), carefully mixed into a natural, nourishing base of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E and Glycerine to revolutionise the way we care for our largest organ, skin. These tubs of goodness are still individually hand made.

Three Amazing Uses...
Perfect as a rich overnight facial repair treatment, or a light veil to protect & hydrate skin during the day. The active Magnesium blend balances pH levels in the skin, lightly exfoliates and detoxes dead skin cells to help minimise pigmentation and dark spots as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines. Daily use gives you healthy, glowing skin. You need less than a 5c piece worth to cover the face, neck and chest.

Target general skin conditions by applying directly to the affected area. Research has shown that some skin conditions may be soothed and relieved after one single application. As well as relief, this blend may also nourish and balance the multiple dermal layers around the condition.

Boost your Magnesium levels - If you are new to this amazing supplement, this is a great place to start. Boasting 22% Magnesium and enriched with the highest quality natural oils and butters this is a way of introducing Magnesium to your system. 

Tip - Each tub lasts 4-6 months when used twice daily.

Store in a cool, dry place. Amazing Oils recommend using in conjunction with your Magnesium Bath Flakes as an extra boost, 2-3 times weekly.

Use daily on face, neck, chest and where skin is thin such as inner elbows, under arms and behind knees.

The Amazing Oils Magnesium Chloride Ugly Bits Stick is a naturally concentrated dose of the Amazing Oils solution. Developed to help with skin tags, sun spots, blemishes, lumps and bumps. This stick can make them disappear in weeks.*

May assist in the reduction/removal of:

Moles - Skin Tags - Age Spots - Acne - Ingrown Hairs

Ideal for blemishes, this can help them dissolve completely in a couple of hours!*
When used on tags and sunspots it can take a number of weeks to fade depending on the type that this is. Use 4-6 times a day in the first week for best results. This may not work on all types of lumps and bumps but Amazing Oils customers have reported positive results. It depends on several factors. The good news is that MOST of them will, or at least shrink to being barely noticeable.

Tip - Each stick lasts 4-6 months when used daily.

Make sure the ball of the applicator is wet with the oil by turning it upside down and rolling it on your palm for a couple of seconds. Use directly on affected area 4-6 times a day.

Children - This product may also be suitable for children's skin blemishes. 
Amazing Oils advise using on damp skin the first 2-3 times to test for sensitivity.

*These claims are taken from the Amazing Oils website and are listed on the product pack by Amazing Oils.

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