Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel Roll-On 60ml


Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil Gel Roll-On 60ml

Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride, from the pristine salt lakes of Australia.

The gel roll-on is the perfect travel companion!

Whether you keep it in your handbag, gym bag or even the car - this is the most convenient item to use when you're on the go!

It's a great little extra to add to any product purchase.
You can even leave it in the bathroom and use it as a daily deodorant. (best used in conjunction with an antiperspirant for the first week).

*Tip - Will last an individual 2 months if used daily.

You can apply this gel 20 minutes before bed behind the knees, on top of the feet and to the lower back.

*Children - The products are also suitable for use on children
Use on damp skin (first 2-3 times) when applying to sensitive/young skin.

Magnesium Spray is recommended for:
Pain relief, stress, restless legs, insomnia, migraine, sports injuries and recovery.


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