2die4 Activated Organic Brazil Nuts


2die4 Activated Organic Brazil Nuts
120g & 300g

Well, they're actually not only from Brazil... They're from the beautiful forests of South America. Once they're activated though, it's like they're from heaven.

The Brazil nut tree (bertholletia excelsa) is an enormous tree, up to 70 metres high, and is native to the Amazon rain forests of South America. It will ONLY bear fruit in its wild habitat, as the tree needs the support of many jungle companion plants to blossom...

Brazil Nuts have a comprehensive profile of vitamins and nutrients making them particularly good for protecting skin health. Also a great source of mineral selenium, which we need to produce active thyroid hormone, and supports immunity and helps wounds to heal.

Activating nuts and seeds involves soaking them, and then drying them out again. Although they taste exactly the same, by 'activating' before eating, the nutrients are enhanced and easier for the body to absorb.

2die4 Live Food’s Organic Activated nuts and seeds have been long-soaked in filtered water and whole, raw Celtic sea salt. Presto! Fermentation has begun. As an enzyme activity bonus, the Walnuts and Pecans have fresh whey added to their soak water too.

Long Soaked -  Dehydrated - Gluten Free - Vegan

Organic Brazil Nuts, Organic Australian Salt.

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