English Tea Shop Tea Bags - White Tea Tropical Fruits


English Tea Shop Tea Bags - White Tea Tropical Fruits

20 sachet tea bags per pack

The finest Chinese white tea infused with a delicious combination of tropical fruits and herbs for a juicy, exotic flavour.

Place one tea bag in a cup. Add 200ml of freshly boiled water and allow the tea to infuse for 2-3 minutes. Add sugar as desired. Sit down and relax with your soothing blend.

Organic white tea (59%), organic lemongrass (21%), organic peppermint (7%), organic hibiscus (7%), natural mango flavour (1.5%), natural passion fruit flavour (1.5%), natural pineapple flavour (1.5%), natural soursop flavour (1%), organic mango pieces (0.5%), organic soursop pieces (0.5%)

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