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If you’re one of the many people that find it easy to skip breakfast, or you tend to throw a piece of bread in the toaster just before running out the door in the morning, then this one’s for you!

I remember as a child convincing mum to buy cereal that was either a box of rainbow coloured, sugar coated bits that looked more like sweets than cereal, or a chocolate covered rice cereal that turned the milk into a chocolate milk shake. I wouldn’t dream of downing that for breakfast today, but love the simplicity of packet cereal, it’s just so quick and easy!

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal redefines the standard for healthy breakfast cereal. It is packed full of goodness, and tastes delicious. These innovative cereal creations are made from a combination of live sprouted plant based ingredients, an optimal balance of complete proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants and fibre. Each flavour is light and crunchy, super tasty and enhanced with a unique blend of the most fortified superfoods our planet offers.

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal comes in three delicious flavours:

CACAO CRUNCH with Maca Root, Astragalus, Reishi and Live Probiotics

Supercharge your day the chocolate way! Every bite of Cacao Crunch Superfood Cereal contains chocolatey raisins, crunch coconut and the superfood goodness of raw cacao and revitalising herbs like reishi and astragalus.

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal - Cacao Crunch

RADIANT RASPBERRY with organic Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn, Schizandra Berry and Live Probiotics

Gently detoxify with a red raspberry rush! Every bite of Radiant Raspberry Superfood Cereal contains tart raspberries, crunch coconut and the superfood goodness of beautifying herbs like sea buckthorn and aloe vera. 

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal - Radiant Raspberry


ACAI BLUEBERRY with organic Maqui Berry, Amla Berry, Elderberry and Live Probiotics

Kick start your morning with purple power! Every bite of Blueberry Blast Superfood Cereal contains blueberries, sweet currants and the superfood goodness of exotic berries like acai, maqui and elderberry.

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal - Acai Blueberry


Energise, harmonise and activate your morning….Wake up raw with Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal.

January 10, 2017 by Pam Northey

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