Turmeric - The Golden Spice

Turmeric is emerging as the hottest superfood on the market, and is looking at taking over the green juice as the latest trend with health-conscious celebrities and bloggers. Not only are they blogging about it, adding it to recipes, using it as a hang over cure in Japan, incorporating it into their beauty regimes, they are also drinking the gorgeous yellow lattes sprinkled with cinnamon at an alarming rate. It is becoming known as the “Spice of Summer” and all for a good reason!

The list of health benefits associated with turmeric is very long and equally impressive. From everything to easing pain, supporting joint health and healthy blood sugar metabolism, detoxifying the body, protecting the cardiovascular system, assisting arthritis management, promoting wound healing, boosting serotonin production, regulating the bowels, balancing stress hormones…I mean seriously, the list goes on. Currently there are over 2000 published studies citing its benefits and at least a dozen clinical trials in the US. This Golden Wonder Herb has earned a reputation as being the one herb that can do it all! If you’re still not convinced how amazing this golden beauty is, there’s more. This incredible herb has nearly three thousand years of traditional use, and in countries such as India and Pakistan where the average daily consumption per capita is two grams per day mainly consumed in the form of a curry dish, diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer, particularly breast, prostate and lung, is among the lowest in the world.

Taka Turmeric has created a new, convenient and tasty way to consume this anti-inflammatory super spice in a delicious golden drink. You can choose between a Golden Tea, a Golden Latte or an amazingly healthy Golden Smoothie. Why not have all three handy and switch it up for variety. Enjoy a Golden Smoothie for Breakfast, a Golden Latte for Lunch and a Golden Tea as a relaxing bedtime drink, with many, many health benefits.


Taka Turmeric loose turmeric tea blend is superbly different. You will find it is super tasty, revitalising and healthy too! This is a refreshing and mildly spicy synergy of health boosting turmeric, spices and coconut. It is described as pure sunshine in a cup, packed with the ‘feel-good factor’. They have included a small gift for you – this loose tea includes a pure cotton re-usable muslin tea bag for your convenience.


Taka Turmeric Golden Tea Blend


The Golden Latte is Taka Turmeric’s version of what is known in India as ‘Golden Milk’ and is favoured by many. This chai like drink is heart warming and comforting. It is so good for you and so tasty you will want it daily. A nurturing and calming drink that is also ideal for children of all ages making it a perfect bedtime treat.


Taka Turmeric Golden Latte



Taka Turmeric’s Superfoods Smoothie mix is a wonder blend of superfoods with turmeric and spices. This power packed smoothie mix gives you the endurance and stamina you need for work, sport or play. This nutritious addition to your smoothies is suitable for the whole family, bringing new levels of health to young and old.


Taka Turmeric Smoothie Mix - Turmeric Superblend


All of Taka Turmeric Instant Drink Mixes are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, dairy or caffeine. They are made with all natural ingredients, including certified organic Turmeric.

October 25, 2016 by Pam Northey

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