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There is an endless list of reasons to why we should all be conscious and aware of the eco-friendly and sustainable decisions we can incorporate into our daily lives! In Australia, excess rubbish and waste is contributing hugely to the harm of our natural resources, killing innocent marine animals, increasing the amount of water & energy we are using in production and even releasing toxic chemicals into the fresh air we breath every day.

We know it can be daunting and not so pleasant to hear these things, but each and every one of us can contribute to the change we need!

We have tried to break it down for you, and we’ve listed a few little things you can do and get your hands on to help:

  • Grab yourself a Reusable Travel Mug to fulfil your hot drink needs on the go! Cafes and coffee shops are always more than happy to make your takeaway drink in your very own reusable travel cup. By doing this you can stop contributing the whole 500 BILLION disposable cups that are produced every single year globally. Same goes for Reusable Water Bottles; why continue to buy plastic bottles every time you're out when you can have your very own to reuse for as long as you'd like!? Extra bonus.. BPA free! 


  • Just try to think for a moment... how many single use plastic bags do you think you would have used while grocery shopping? We already know the answer, way too many! By having reusable produce bags you’ll never have to use plastic bags for your fresh food again. Ever Eco & Onya reusable produce bags are out absolute favourite, keep them in your car and your reusable shopping bags and you’ll always have them when you need!
  •  In the USA alone, 500 million straws are used every single day. Plastic straws cannot be recycled and never completely break down. Replace those plastic straws with reusable drinking straws! They’re easy to clean and forever reusable, we supply Ever Eco’s stainless steel and rose gold straws and we can’t get enough of them. Perfect for our morning smoothies, and even get yourself an on-the-go kit so you can keep it on hand while your out during the day!

And these are only a few simple suggestions in which you can implement so easily into your day-to-day life! Check out the rest of our eco-friendly products and explore all of the ways you can help HERE! Make the swap to a more sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle and you’ll never look back. Getting your hands on these products can save the earth and all of its inhabitants (including us!) a whole lot of harm and distress – Live gently and kindly upon this earth!

“Love the earth as you would love yourself”

Thank you for reading! 

Shanae xx

October 26, 2017 by Shanae Northey

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