What a find! Pamper by Nature took what was supposed to be a quick trip to PPC Herbs to restock with a few of their very popular organic hair products in the Wild Hair Care range (my 18 year old daughter swears by their Henna Shampoo and Conditioner, and she is very particular and not so easy to please, let me tell you!). Of course, we ended up buying more than we intended but well, they are very popular so no drama.

PPC Herbs Wild Shampoo & Conditioner - Pamper by Nature


We placed our many items on the trolley and we're good to go. But wait....

The lovely ladies at  PPC Herbs told us they had extended their Wild range to include a baby range for bathtime and beyond. Now, Pam and I have eight children between us (yep, 4 each) and whilst they are no longer littlies, we have some awesome memories of what I like to call our "feral foursome's frolics" so we could both relate immediately to the name of this range - Wild Organic BabyI just love that name - it brings back memories of my four ferals, when they were young ones, running around semi-naked in the back yard in the middle of winter, loving the muddy water that was splashing up on their legs, their backs and even up the backs of their heads... 

PPC Herbs Wild Organic Baby Pamper Pack - Pamper by Nature

Okay, so we just had to add some of those to our trolley. Now we're set.

But wait, that's not all...there's more... PPC Herbs are now producing a beautiful new range of organic herbal skin care products. With over 20 years experience producing a range of liquid herbal extracts for those seeking a more natural solution to their health and well-being, it does seem to be a natural progression for them to create an excellent range of high quality herbal body and skin care products. These natural and organic herbal skincare products are being produced under the banner of Herbanica

Herbanico Rose Fragonia & Myrtle Tangerine Hand & Body Wash - Pamper by Nature

Again the lovely ladies at PPC Herbs were only too happy to help us, we tested the hand creams and I have to say they were light (certainly not a heavy thick cream to apply) and left my skin feeling very soft and refreshed. My personal favourite was the Ylang Ylang Rosalina which has a subtle fresh scent, although Pam preferred the Lemon Juniper.

We found ourselves oohing and aahing over the award winning Herbanica packaging which is stylish and elegant and would definitely make a lovely gift for the woman who appreciates the finer things in life, especially if she doesn't often receive them!

We definitely needed to add some of those to the trolley, which is really quite laden by now, and we're right to go.

Feeling a little weary with all our shopping, the lovely ladies of PPC Herbs suggested we try some of their organic herbal tonics to help us on our way. PPC Herbal Energy Plex uses traditional herbal medicines to enhance physical and mental endurance and performance, and to provide assistance in times of fatigue, debility and convalescence. It can also be taken as an adrenal tonic during stress. Energy Plex contains no added sugars and is a caffeine-free energy tonic. It also had quite a pleasant taste.

Pam and I are both very busy people with the demands of work and family and both feel that an organic herbal boost could only enhance how we cope with the chaos and we figured that if we feel that way then probably so do most other women!

Better add the PPC Herbal Medicines to the trolley too!


PPC Herbs Herbal Medicines - Pamper by Nature

So, some several hours later and with an overloaded trolley (and an under loaded wallet), we left the relative calm of PPC Herbs headquarters and headed back to the chaos that is our everyday; weary but excited to introduce some of these wonderful organic herbal products to you!


August 05, 2016 by Debbie Hilton

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