Evohe Organic Skincare Range

EVOHE is a revolution in 100% natural, luxurious, organic skincare, committed to transforming the beauty industry through innovation, not compromise. As ingredients matter a lot to us all, it was EVOHE's mission to formulate the highest quality, most nutritious and purest skincare and cosmetics, so you can nourish your skin in the safest, healthiest way possible. They do this by avoiding cheap, harmful ingredients that should never be found on the skin.

As EVOHE use only the most pure 100% natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality, these ingredients do come at a higher price. However due to the purity of EVOHE products, you only need to apply them sparingly. As a result, this will save you time and money, and you will no longer need to buy multiple products that you simply don't need. 

EVOHE products are Australian made, most of the ingredients used are certified organic, all are vegan and Orangutan friendly. The entire EVOHE range is in recycled packaging, all containers are either glass or recyclable PET,  even down to the cartons that the products are packed in.

I absolutely love everything about EVOHE, it leaves my skin feeling and looking great, and I love the new packaging. The Company's philosophy is what helped sell EVOHE to me...they are an Australian company creating ethical, pure and highly effective products, that believe a healthy body will result in healthy skin, and they have a great authentic product that is not only good for you, but also for our environment.

I have chosen a few of my favourite EVOHE products to showcase here for you.




EVOHE Foam Wash


A gentle foaming cleanser that harnesses the hydration of Organic Coconut Oil, the regenerative power of Amaranth, and the natural antibacterial properties of Colloidal Silver. EVOHE Foam Wash will naturally remove impurities, to leave your skin clear and toned without stripping natural oils from your skin. Uniquely beneficial for all skin types, and gentle enough to use all over.



Evohe Balancing Mist

A Balancing Face Mist rich in the living energy of Australian botanicals, Green Tea, Tissue Salts & Bush Flower Essences, that works to nurture, hydrate and energise your skin throughout the day.

√  Spray EVOHE Mist anytime, especially before moisturising, and after makeup.
√  Calming and soothing as a spray for children and babies.
√  An ideal travel companion on long flights and to offset environmental stress.
√  Use on your face and around your body as desired.



EVOHE Moisture Light


A light facial moisturiser that is enriched with organic Cocoa, Shea & Mango butters which are known for their soothing benefits and active oils that penetrate deep into the skin leaving a velvety after-feel with a cushion effect. This unique formula crafted with Desert Lime, Kakadu Plum & Milk Thistle Extracts will refine and brighten your skin to look its very best. You will find yourself looking forward to putting this luxurious moisturiser onto your skin.


EVOHE Trial Pack

It all starts here…this is what your skin has been waiting for!

Start your EVOHE journey with this Trial Pack and get ready for your skin to soak up some serious nutrient-rich goodness!

Includes: 5ml Cleanse, 5ml Mist, 5ml Moisture Lite, 5ml Omega 3.6.9, 5ml Repair Intensive, 1g EVOHE Colours – Inbetween

This Trial Pack is the best way to sample this amazing Australian Luxurious Skincare Range....After you try it, we are sure you will love EVOHE as much as we do!!

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November 25, 2016 by Pam Northey

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