Are you ready to get high on nutrition?
Gone are the days that hemp was only found in hippie havens, or under those who were secretly sitting on this super food wonder! On November 12, 2017 Australia legalised the consumption of hemp and since then it has become the latest ‘it’ food. Here are just a couple of the reasons why...

Incredibly nutritious (and delicious!)

Hemp is a great source of plant based protein, with a distinctly nutty flavour, and is full of fibre. Combining these two macro nutrients in your diet will help to slow digestion and sustain your body’s energy. This will keep you fuller for longer, suppress your appetite and help to reduce sugar cravings.

Health benefits galore!

Want to strong healthy bones? Eat hemp.

Want to lower your blood pressure? Eat hemp.

Want optimal brain function and mental health? Eat hemp.

Want to reduce the symptoms of menopause? Eat Hemp.

Want to reduce your risk of heart disease? Eat hemp.

Want better digestion and gut health? Eat hemp.

Want to relieve dry and itchy skin? Eat hemp.

Want strong hair, skin and nail growth? Eat hemp.

Want a gluten, lactose, dairy and wheat FREE protein? Eat hemp.

Okay, you get it! Long story short, because of the omega-3 fatty acids and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) in hemp seeds and oil it helps to naturally balance inflammation levels and strength the immune system.

Before you go worrying about how many hemp seeds were in your morning smoothie as you drive through your next roadside drug test, I offer you this peace of mind. While hemp seeds come from the same plant species as marijuana, they contain only a tiny trace of THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis) and will not get you high or exceed the levels looked for in federal drug testing programs. What they do contain a whole lot of however, is amino acids – including the 9 essential amino acids which our bodies cannot produce themselves.

Hemp leaves

So now that you know just how wonderful these small but mighty seeds are for you, I bet you’re wondering how to get them in your system more often. The answer is in many ways!

  • Hemp seeds - sprinkle them on cereal, salads, yogurt, Buddha bowls or add them to your favourite smoothie
  • Hemp milk – hemp milk is an excellent substitute for dairy and it’s even safe for the kiddies!
  • Hemp flour – next time you’re baking up a storm in the kitchen, use hemp flour. It’s perfect for muffins, bread, pancakes, the list goes on...
  • Hemp protein – add hemp protein to your smoothie, oats/porridge or homemade energy bites and bars
  • Hemp oil – use in salad dressings, add it to your smoothie, as a dip for bread or blended in sauces such as pesto and mayonnaise. Hot tip: Hemp oil has a low smoke point and is not recommended for frying or high temperature cooking. 

Hemp food

What's your favourite way of incorporating hemp foods into your every day diet? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Hooray for HEMP!

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March 02, 2018 by Brooke Northey

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